CANADA: Did Tiger's doctor, Dr. Anthony Galea, contribute to the breakdown of his marriage?

A doctor by the name of Anthony Galea, who reportedly treated Tiger Woods on occassion, has been arrested today for suspicion of conspiracy of trafficking illegal, banned substances such as human growth hormone and Actovegin across the US/Canadian border. Says the New Zealand Herald:

The New York Times, medical records found on Dr Galea’s computer relating to several professional athletes prompted the FBI to open an investigation. Dr Galea claimed “it would be impossible” for investigators to have discovered material linking his athletes to performance-enhancing drugs. He has also treated the sprinter Donovan Bailey and many NFL football players.

Tiger’s camp deny any inappropriate relationship between the doctor, his patient and banned substances. And I certainly want to believe them. But hypothetically, what if the doctor gave Tiger something that “enhanced his performance” and was intended to speed up his recovery from knee surgery that just absolutely sent Tiger into a sexual frenzy? In other words, maybe whatever he gave Tiger, if he gave Tiger anything, was much too potent and should have been given in a lower dose.
Clearly, Tiger, if these women are telling the truth, has the stamina and energy of a frickin, for lack of a better word, tiger! He’s behaved like a voracious animal it seems, he just absolutely went berserk, off the charts nuts. And conceivably, it could be due to something he was taking. Something that made him superhuman:

Actovegin is illegal in the US and is banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency if used intravenously. While the drug is meant to promote healing, it is also thought to improve stamina and came to the attention of the drug-busters several years ago in cycling.” more here

In which case, if in fact Dr. Galea did prescribe anything for Mr. Woods, then Dr. Galea may indirectly be responsible for the implosion of Mr. Woods’ marriage! (The Doctor has denied any wrongdoing, by the way, so we should point that out) 
But if it is proven that in fact the doctor did treat Mr. Woods, and gave him something that was too potent, Mr. Woods might bring a medical malpractice lawsuit against the doctor. Because as a result of this treatment, Tiger lost not only his wife and family, he lost his reputation, and he has, or will lose a lot of money with all of his endorsement contracts such as Accenture, Gillette, AT&T and others dropping him like a hot potato like they did.
This is serious, actually. And the website we linked to seems to have gotten this information from a credible source – the New York Times no less.
Wow. This lends some context to Tiger’s meltdown. His behavior definitely does not seem normal – not even for the worse philanderer. It is too many women in too short a span of time. It is a kind of hypersexual activity that seems to be artificial and manufactured by some sort of stimulant. It would not be a total surprise to discover that his behavior was due to a drug of some sort. But one that Mr. Woods was innocently taking for another purpose – such as killing the pain in his knee – one that was prescribed by a physician he trusted. If not Galea, then someone else.
Tiger, Tiger, Tiger. Please get help. Don’t let them turn you into the next Michael Jackson, Tiger. Please. get. help. Before it is too late.