GREENWICH, CT: Does Patricia Cohen want ex-husband Steven A. Cohen's Greenwich mansion?

She is suing him under RICO for insider trading in civil court – a novel case for sure. But what is it that Patricia Cohen really want from ex husband Steven Cohen of SAC Capital Advisors? Could it be his mammoth Greenwich Connecticut mansion? All 35,000 square feet of it? You have to figure it’s worth at least $50 million. Here is a partial description in a 2003 business week profile:

It is completely obscured from the street by a roughly 12-foot-high wall. Cohen is so secretive that he installed an extensive alarm system that beeps whenever someone walks into a room or out, say acquaintances.
The grounds, which some neighbors call Chelsea Piers — after the mammoth Manhattan sports complex on the Hudson River — include a basketball court that becomes an ice-skating rink in winter, several golf holes, and a bubble-enclosed swimming pool. “For kids, getting invited to the Cohens is one of the most coveted invitations in Greenwich,” says a neighbor.

Is this what Patricia wants? The mansion? Because her lawsuit is very confusing to say the least. It doesn’t make sense why she and her attorney Batista are bringing this suit. What do they want? To sanction Steven for insider trading? Is this a suit brought in equity? What is this? Does she really expect some of the spoils of his alleged illegal business dealings? That makes no sense. The only thing that makes sense is that she wants the house. It’s about the house. The mammoth mansion in Greenwich. She wants to turn it into a university for underprivileged kids. She’s a humanitarian, you know.
Speaking of Greenwich, I wonder how those other divorcing billionares are doing up there? Stephanie and Peter Brant? They have been quiet as mice last few weeks.