NEW YORK: Ivana Trump files for divorce from hubby #4

It is not because her husband was young enough to be her son that the marriage did not work out. After all, her ex-husband, Donald Trump, is married to a woman young enough to be his daughter and that is working out fine, thank you. The reason that Ivana Trump and Rossano Rubicondi are getting divorced (they separated last December) is because they live on different continents and they were having a “hard time finding time to be together” according to the former Mrs. Donald Trump.
Think she just wants Donald back? Would you blame her? Rubicondi was her fourth marriage and clearly,¬†Ivana doesn’t want any of these losers she keeps marrying. She wants her husband back. She wants the Donald. And they would have been beautiful if they had lasted, and grew old together, like other society couples. But he wanted young, fertile,¬†supple-skinned, nubile babes. So what was Ivana supposed to do?