NEW YORK: Divorce attorney's Letter to Tiger Woods – If you are smart you will file for divorce before Elin gets to it

Dear Tiger Woods,
Here’s what I’ve been thinking about your case: A smart Tiger would get a lawyer and presumptively  pre-emptively file for divorce against Elin before she files papers against him. Especially if these rumors are true about Elin hiring Sorrell Trope. Tiger, you want to keep this divorce in Florida at all costs. Florida is your domicile and main residence and the case should stay there. Rightfully so.  Plus, the laws are more favorable to you in Florida as opposed to California. That is the only reason that Elin is seeking representation in California. This is about money. Love has already flown out the window and Elin is protecting her financial interests. Tiger, you need to get into war gear and fight back. You need to push back. Sure, you screwed up big time with what you did and obviously you are really sorry now. But that is irrelevant at this point. If the marriage is over, it’s over. You need to get on the ball and take charge of this situation. Doing so will help you regain some control of your life. Right now you are a sitting duck for Elin and her lawyers and the press, and they are going to eviscerate you financially. All of them. They really are. Sorrell Trope is going to make you pay his ridiculously exorbitant attorney’s fees and the lawyers are going to drag this out and fight over things that don’t need to be fought over. In the end, you foot the bill for both you and Elin. The lawyers will fight over whether California even has jurisdiction over this case. That could take months and a ton of motions and tens of thousands of dollars of your money. Does your money grow on trees Tiger? Are you the U.S. Treasury? I don’t think so. But Tiger, if you file first in Florida, that stops that nonsense dead in its tracks. Florida cannot refuse jurisdiction in this case, so long as your case is filed before her case. If you file first, the case stays in Florida. TIGER, FILE FOR DIVORCE FIRST BEFORE ELIN FILES IN CALIFORNIA!!! Stop waiting around to “see what happens.” The girl wants out of marriage with you. And nobody, not even you, can blame her.
Earth to Tiger! Wake up! The marriage has left the station, Tiger. Elin does not want to reconcile with you. Not unless everybody’s got it wrong in the press. For your sake, if you want the marriage, I hope we all have it wrong. But you know what? The days on this marriage are numbered no matter how long you hang on by the fingernail. This is over, Tiger. You need a high powered divorce lawyer just like she is getting. Who are the best lawyers in Florida? Get somebody good, Tiger. Tiger? You have a prenup, right? You were smart enough to get that right? If you don’t and you weren’t THIS CASE HAS  TO STAY IN FLORIDA, TIGER!!!
Tiger, do you want custody of the kids, or not? It is not a foregone conclusion that Elin is entitled to custody just because she is the mother. That was the law in New York – the tender age rule – but now father’s have rights. They can get custody. And I suspect that is the law in Florida too. Nobody can say you are a bad father. Well, you alluded to it in your last press release by saying you wanted to focus on being a “better father” (you can bet they are going to use that against you; next time shut up about that) but I saw you and Elin and your daughter after a golf tournament earlier this year. Everybody saw how your daughter sprang from her mother and insisted on you taking her. That cannot be acted. That is a child who loves her dad. The fact that you are philanderer does make you a less than perfect husband. Maybe even a bad one. But it does not make you a bad father. That is a different issue. You can still get custody if you want it, Tiger. Especially if Elin has a tendency towards violence. Does she? You are going to have to get tough, Tiger. You have to play hardball. If she does have a violent streak, you have to out her, if you want your kids.
Also, just because you work to make a living and she is the stay at home mom does not make her more suitable to have custody. The law now recognizes that somebody’s got to work and bring home the bacon and that parent should not be automatically penalized for that by divesting custody from them and automatically giving it to the other parent who stays home. Tiger, that is what nannies are for! If you want the kids and you can show that Elin is not a “perfect mother” it is possible that you can get them. You certainly can afford child care when you are on the road for them. Do you think you can get a fair shake in Florida? If not, maybe you want to think about yet another alternative state: WYOMING. Don’t you have a home there too? Of course, your wife’s lawyers will fight this one and probably win. But if they are trying to bring the case in California, why can’t you bring it in Wyoming? I don’t think Wyoming is as lethal as California where the “money” issues are concerned. Know what I mean?
Be that as it may, whoever files the divorce usually has a bit of an edge and upper hand. They run the show. They are in charge. You want to get and stay in charge of this situation, Tiger. Sure you are in hiding and you are embarrassed and you are keeping a low profile as you watch your life spiral out of control. But you know what? The cat is already out of the bag. Everybody knows everything bad you did and maybe even some you did not do. Nothing can shame you any more than you already are shamed. You have hit rock bottom. (Jesus Christ I sure hope so!!!) and so now, you need to rally your troops and get tough and take charge of this situation. Tiger needs to wake up and start fighting back. FILE FIRST. Be the Plaintiff, Tiger. This is the best unsolicited  advice I ever gave anybody for free. Please take it.
Best regards,
A New York Divorce Attorney