What might Tiger and Elin Woods divorce settlement look like?

1. Physical custody to Elin
2. Shared legal custody to Tiger and Elin
a. Elin cannot travel outside the country with the kids without Tiger’s written permission
b. Elin can only travel with the kids on Tiger’s private jet.
c. Elin cannot change the kids’ religion from Buddhism without Tiger’s express written permission
d. Elin can never allow the kids to call anyone else daddy.
e. Tiger to pay for child care, extracurricular activities, home schooling, tutoring, medical expenses, and summer camp for the kids – and lessons (music, golf, horse-backriding, sports, languages, etc.)
f. Tiger to provide a private driver for the kids; and a new car upgrade every year till they turn 21.
3. Maintenance/Alimony to Elin$1 million per year for ten years – payable in cash every January 1. (If Elin remarries in that time or cohabits with a man or woman in a romantic context, alimony payments shall cease.) Tiger also to pay Elin’s medical expenses for 10 years.
5. Property settlement as follows:
a. house in Sweden to Elin free and clear
b. House in Windemere sold and split between the two 2/3 to Tiger 1/3 to Elin.
c. house in Wyoming to Tiger
d. House in California to Tiger
e. Yacht to Tiger (separate property)
f. Cash to Elin – $20 million (Tiger to pay any taxes attributed thereto)
g. House in Jupiter to Tiger
h. Plane to Tiger but he has to chauffeur Elin whenever she is traveling with the kids till they turn 21.
i. Elin waives any right to take from Tiger’s endorsement deals/contracts.
j. Elin never to discuss Tiger in the press or any other media at any time. A violation would subject her to a $20 million penalty.
(This is assuming there is no prenup, btw)