HOLLYWOOD: Were Brittany Murphy and husband Simon Monjack having marital problems?

As the public waits to hear the autopsy results, we here at Divorce Saloon say, “RIP Brittany Murphy.” What a sad situation, and to happen at this time of year makes it all the more wrenching…. 
Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton reportedly stated just a couple of weeks ago on a radio program that he had serious concerns about and for the deceased actress. Not sure what he meant by that. But he also made some reference to the fact that since Brittany hooked up with British screen writer Simon Monjack, she hasn’t been the same.
Wow.   I just read that an autopsy is being conducted over and above Mr. Monjack’s objections. I wonder why he would object to something like this? By all accounts Brittany fell in her bathtub and died unexpectedly and was found by her mother. Right? She had been having flu like symptoms and she had lost a lot of weight. That is all there is to it, right? Why would he object to an autopsy?
Things that make you go “hme….”
I mean, how was that marriage? Was it happy?