What are the 3 best do-it-yourself divorce websites on the Internet?

DIVORCE INFORMATION FOR YOU: We found these three very comprehensive websites that you might like to check out if you are looking for a do-it-yourself option to fiing your divorce. We have not personally completed a case through these folks and have no affiliation with any of them. These are just suggestions but you would have to do the leg work in checking out the websites and making a determination whether you want to use them instead of an attorney. Obviously, we believe using an attorney is always safer and wiser,  but maybe for uncontested situations that is less and less true.
1. www.ComwebsitepleteCase.com – from the website’s ABOUT US SECTION:

CompleteCase.com™ is the premier affordable divorce service center. Our simple and inexpensive process will enable you to complete your divorce documents from the comfort of your home, without incurring the cost of an attorney, or dealing with lengthy completion and delivery periods. The total cost is $249.00.

CompleteCase.com™ does not provide blank forms or divorce kits. You will receive completed documents, explanations and instructions. The documents are customized to the state or province you live in, your children, your income, your assets and other factors in your case.

2. www.3StepDivorce.com – FROM THE ABOUT US SECTION: Your Divorce Documents Ready for Filing in 1 Hour. Your Completed Divorce Documents, Filing Instructions & Full Editing Capabilities Without the Wait! Make Unlimited Changes to Your Documents When You Need Them, Not When We Can Do Them. Total cost is only $299 (or 2 monthly payments of $157).  Our software and service save you money. We help you eliminate unnecessary legal fees, while saving you time and sparing you headaches. We make divorce easy because your documents are done right! Read a Few Recent Testimonials. 3StepDivorce™ is a state-specific online divorce service provided by Divorce Source, Inc., the owner and operator of divorcesource.com (the web’s largest and most visited divorce resource since Feb. 1997). You have found a reliable service provided by a reliable company that is solely devoted to helping people during divorce. Learn why the 3StepDivorce online divorce service is the best choice for you!
3. www.123DivorceMe.com – FROM THE ABOUT US PAGE: According to state and county laws you must file an average of 10 different legal documents (for your most simplistic divorce). It is the complexity of these documents and the formalities of the court that in the past have made it difficult to do your own divorce without a lawyer. We make it easy, by allowing you to instantly generate your completed legal documents ready for signing and filing. Learn more about the legal documents you need.

With or without children, as long as you and your spouse are in agreement, 123DivorceMe.com is the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to file your own divorce. We eliminate unnecessary legal fees by streamlining the divorce document preparation and filing process. Our expertise keeps the divorce process simple for you. The Total Cost is $299 (no hidden fees! Read More About Our Affordable Pricing)
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