INDIA: divorced, separated, abandoned, deserted and destitute women in Delhi to get Rs. 1000 per month

New Delhi, India. Women in the capital who are divorced, separated, abandoned, deserted and destitute are now eligible to receive Rs. 1000 each month deposited into their bank accounts according to reports. indian woman2The scheme, according to Sheila Dikshit, chief minister in Delhi’s cabinet, is an expansion of a 2007-2008 scheme that benefited widows. Says Ms. Dikshit:

“These women will also get monthly pension of Rs.1,000, which will be remitted to the bank account of the beneficiary on a quarterly basis,” she said.
Explaining the eligibility criteria for availing benefits under the scheme, Dikshit said: “They should be residents of Delhi for more than five years, aged between 18 to 60 years, holding a savings account in any bank, not receiving any pension from government or maintenance allowance as per judicial orders.” More here.

This is an interesting decision by the Delhi cabinet that here in the U.S. would probably be criticized as the worse form of socialism, i.e. welfare. But arguably, sometimes it’s not just the big banks who need a bailout. All indicators point to the fact that women are more often economically disadvantaged than men by such things as divorce, death of a spouse, loss of a job and low income status. Rather than see these human beings with cups extended to strangers litter the streets of Delhi, the cabinet took a vote and decided to do something about it and give them a monthly bailout of 1000 Rupees. Kudos, I say. In this respect, maybe socialism isn’t so bad?
P.S. is Sheila Dikshit related to billionaire Anurag Dikshit? And in light of the recession, is Anurag (a gambling tycoon) still a billionaire? Just wondering….
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