MOSCOW: Freshly divorced and looking for husband #2? Check Russian Oligarch Mikhail Prokhorov

It’s not that he’s a billionaire that makes Mikhail Prokhorov such a desirable catch. It’s that he’s so darned smart! The boy has his own bank and according to Reuters, his MFK Bank, along with four other Russian tycoons, will be bankrolling this new project that is slated to create even more capital from distressed companies and banks in Russia. They are investing $19 billion dollars, skirt!¬† Now, we have no idea what his type is. Maybe like Tiger Woods he only goes for blondes. But you never know.
But the real reason he’s such a catch? No, it’s not his brains or his bank account. It’s because, OMG he’s sooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Check him out here as seen on Reuters: