ASPEN: Will Brooke Mueller divorce Charlie Sheen now that he has a mug shot and behaved like OJ?

Who knew Brooke and Charlie were having such serious problems in their marriage? Was Charlie intoxicated when he beat down he allegedly pulled a knife on Brooke? Did he use a golf club or anything? (Sorry, couldn’t resist 🙂 )  This is totally shocking. Brooke and Charlie seem to have a bad situation down there in the snows of Colorado. Wow.
Will Brooke divorce him? Well, if not right away, the handwriting is definitely on the wall with this marriage. It is not if, but when, will she pull the plug on this situation and she arguably should. A domestic abuser will always be a domestic abuser. So if he hit her once, she would be smart to get out of there as soon as possible before he kills her. And she will most likely get custody of those boys because the laws in most state disfavors a domestic abuser as far as custody. Someone who would beat an adult can, and often does, beat children too. So Brooke is going to get custody of those kids.
I wonder if she had a sensible prenup? Charlie is quite affluent. He’s not as rich as Tiger Woods but he’s not a pauper. Will folks call for Brooke to take Charlie for as much money as she can like they did with Tiger and Elin Woods after it was revealed that Tiger was found bleeding face down outside his home after an apparent domestic incidence with his wife due to his serial philandering? Will folks now compare Charlie to OJ Simpson the way they compared Tiger to OJ Simpson?
It was funny to me how many people on the Internet compared Tiger Woods to OJ. I never saw the comparison beyond two Black men who married blondes. What Charlie is alleged to have done was much more comparable to what OJ is alleged to have done to his wife. Will anyone see any comparisons to Charlie and OJ? Or is skin color the only relevant variable?
Over the holidays a friend and I argued about this Tiger/OJ thingy. She is German and I am Black and we have been friends for years and will continue to be friends. But we have a strong difference of opinion. She insisted that race had nothing to do with her reasoning that Tiger and OJ were comparable. She was completely disgusted with Woods and saw no difference between what he did and what OJ did. She felt the two men were comparable because both were “squeaky clean athletes and both were role models.” I was frank about what I thought was at play. I told her straight up that race was the elephant in the room and that we both needed to admit it. If Tiger was married to a Black woman, no one would compare him to OJ because adultery and murder/domestic violence are chasms away from each other. She held her views and I held mine in a short little argument and in the end,  we decided to agree to disagree.
But here we are the day after Christmas with this Charlie Sheen situation and it’s left to be seen how the media handles this story – and the public too. Is there a double standard? Or does race truly not matter? Because, what if Charlie were Black? What of these allegations that he beat his wife pulled a knife on his wife? How will they be treated in the press? Will he also be compared to OJ Simpson as he should be?
But anyways, will Brooke divorce Charlie?