NEW YORK: Andrew Madoff divorce updates….and gun permit?

The trail has gone cold on the Andrew Madoff divorce. Since last December when his wife Debbie filed on the same day his dad was cuffed by the FBI, nobody has heard anything about the supposed divorce between those two. There was a court appearance that was very quietly made and the judge I believe deferred a decision with respect to equitable distribution. But it is not clear if that divorce was ever finalized – even though it was supposedly UNCONTESTED….
But why did Andrew apply for a gun permit? That scares me for some reason. Constitutionally, he has a right to bear arms if he does not pose a threat due to drug use, prior violence or convictions and criminal behavior, etc. The police department is vested with the authority to issue or not issue gun licenses in New York and the New York Post and a bunch of other media are saying that Andrew is on the roster of gun license holders in New York. But then other reports have the police saying that Andrew never received that gun. He had applied, but according to the police, his application is still pending.
Wow. I don’t know that I would issue a gun to a guy like Andrew Madoff. He’s only going to get himself in trouble with it, one way or another. Either someone is going to annoy him and taunt him and he’s going to lose it, or he’s going to get depressed and turn the thing on himself. With all the problems, the divorce, his father’s situation, the fact that now both he and his brother Mark are out of work and can’t find jobs, just the sheer weight of what has gone down in his life in the last year, I don’t think that he has the mens rea for gun ownership at this time.
Wow.  But yea. What ever happened to Debbie Madoff? That girl never materialized throughout this whole debacle. Good for her. But did she ever get a divorce settlement? Don’t look at us! We don’t know!