NEW YORK: Are royalties from Tiger Woods' book "How I play golf" marital property?

The New York Times is reporting that “Hachette Audio in May will release Mr. Woods’s 2001 best seller, ‘How I Play Golf,’ as an audio book. According to the magazine AudioFile.” tiger_woods_golf_book_150
The book was published along with a hardcover and audio version in 2001 by Grand Central Publishing an imprint of Hachette Audio and Digital Media.
This book deal was obviously well before Tiger married his current wife, Elin Nordegren. So technically, if he does receive any royalties, he wouldn’t have to pay her any of it. And certainly, if there is a prenup she is getting a fixed sum more than likely and would not be entitled to royalties from pre-marriage books.
But if there is no prenup, or if they re-negotiate their prenup, effectively turning it into a post-nup, then arguably any royalties he received from the book during their marriage would be marital property and subject to distribution…certainly depending on how his deal with the publishing company is worded. In other words, if the royalties vested prior to the marriage, they are off the table. But if they vested during the marriage at the time earned/sold, then they might be marital property. ‘
Still, according to the Times report, it is an “awkward” time for the book to come out. Hatchette is looking at a May date and hopefully this story will be old news by then. But he would not have yet re-established his name and reputation in just five months. He needs a couple of years at least. Hatchette, obviously, could care less about that. Any decision to release the audio will be strictly based on economic gain for the company.
Tiger might consider coming out with his own book next year to explain his behavior rather than wait for others to write unauthorized biographies. If he is going to have to fact the public anyways, and get laughed at, he might as well find a way to monetize his apologies and be the one laughing all the way to the bank. Of course, unless he and Elin have commenced the divorce by then, any tell all he writes could ostensibly be subject to equitable distribution as well.