ARIZONA: Did Tiger Woods require plastic surgery after an attack by wife Elin?

The Huffington Post ran an article a couple of hours ago that states that a former writer for the Atlanta Journal Constitution claims to be in possession of a letter of some sort that comes from folks in the know about Tiger and Elin’s domestic situation. And shockingly, there is some claim that Elin beat her husband so badly that he sustained a huge gash and needed to fly in his private jet to Arizona for emergency plastic surgery to patch up his face. He also lost a couple of teeth or almost lost a couple of teeth on account of the assault according to reports.
Could there be any truth to this? I doubt it. If Elin beat her husband that badly, she’s a nut case and should be evaluated for mental illness. Plus, she should not be alone with those kids. Besides, if this were true, law enforcement would have seen evidence of this when they responded to the 911 call over Thanksgiving and hopefully they would have arrested Elin and put her away someplace in solitary confinement as someone who could do something they are claiming she did, should not be around normal people….
Wow. What if she did beat him up and required plastic surgery? It is kinda weird how he just hasn’t shown his face. It’s kinda weird….WOW.