Should you burn your divorce papers?

Burning your divorce papers: firestarterWe advocated a controlled bonfire after a divorce if the circumstances call for one and it is properly controlled. It seems to relieve some anger and frustration for some people. But for others, it just lands them into trouble. To wit, a couple of days ago, Fox News ran a report that a California man set himself and his duplex on fire after trying to “BURN HIS DIVORCE PAPERS.” In the process, he also killed two of his cats due to smoke inhalation. And he is in the hospital at this time recovering from serious injuries.
This is obviously not a good thing and it is not funny. At no time is a bonfire in a confined area a good idea after a divorce. We have no problem with burning your divorce papers. But if you don’t have a fireplace in your home, please do the burning outside, not inside your apartment. Read more about the California story here:
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