HAPPY NEW YEAR!….So what's the skinny on your New Year's resolution to get a divorce in 2010?

Since January is the most divorce-prone month of the year in almost any jurisdiction, it begs the question whether folks actually make it a New Year’s Resolution to get divorced in the New Year or not?
My hunch is that 2010 will be the most divorce-rich year in recent memory as compared with 2008-2009 which was probably, globally, the year with the least number of divorces. Folks just absolutely could not afford to unload bad marriages due to the recession. And others who may have been inclined to unload a less than perfect marriage saw fit to give it one last try rather than risk the economic tsunami that usually follows divorce for women in particular. In other words, better a bad marriage with economic stability, than no marriage and being on the welfare rolls.
But as the recession recedes and the global economy picks up, I predict more couples are going to be rushing out to hire divorce attorneys early in the new year. As I write, they are making their list of resolutions and one of them is to unload wifey or hubby. If you are in that bucket, my only advice is to really think it through very carefully before you act. The economy is better and it is certainly trying to come back.    But it is still sputtering and we are not out of the woods yet. Things could relapse for the worse in other words. As well as they could get infinitely better. The President for one thing has promised billions that will go towards job creation. So ostensibly, you and/or your spouse could be flush with cash in the New Year. But you never know. So think it through carefully before you follow through.
Unless of course, you are one of those people who makes resolutions with no realistic plan of following through for another few years. In which case, this post is not really for you.  🙂
Well, whatever the case may be