What is a divorce petition and what information should be in it?

What is a divorce petition? The “petition” is just fancy legalese for “divorce papers” and this includes the summons and complaint which are legal documents. papersThese are the documents your spouse serves you, or you serve your spouse to start a divorce proceeding. We asked a New York Divorce Attorney:
This was her answer:
“Well, let’s see….the county you are filing it, the name of the court you are filing in, the basis for the divorce (adultery, irreconcilable differences, imprisonment, whatever), the date of the marriage, the date of the occurrence of the basis for the divorce request, your address and that of your spouse, health insurance information, name/address/age of children of the marriage if under 21,  the reason you want a divorce, any other relief you seek such as custody, alimony, exclusive occupancy (pendente lite) of the marital residence,  equitable distribution of the assets, and child support.
This list is hardly exhaustive. But you get the basic idea that your petition/papers/complaint has to be fairly comprehensive so that the court has a clear picture of you and your spouse, the marriage, the reason for the divorce request, and what you are seeking as a redress in the way of alimony, custody and things like that.”
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