How to handle divorce shame

Sometimes, divorce is just shameful. The circumstances are such that all you want to do when word gets out is hang your head in shame. shameIt may be due to action you have taken. It may be due to action of your spouse. Or it could be mutual action of both you and your spouse. But the embarrassment is only measurable in intervals of extreme shame. What do you do? How do you handle it? I don’t really know to tell you the truth, other than to say that time heals all wounds, including the wound of shame and whatever it is that makes your particular situation so shameful to you, just know and realize that this too, shall pass.
If you are around people who want to live in the past and continue to rub your nose in the shame of it, get out from among them and wipe the dust from your feet, damn skippy. Move to another town, city or country where you will not be judged by the contents of your divorce but by the content of your character. Because in the end, whose business is it, other than the two of you, what the details of the divorce are, or, were?
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