Is global warming behind the increasing divorce rates around the world?

Have you ever wondered whether the same impetus behind global warming, is not affecting other things in nature such as the behavior of human beings? It is clear that global warming affects weather patterns across the globe. global warmingThe melting ice-caps are not only threatening species of the seas, they are threatening life on land with increasingly destructive storms, a negative impact on food production, and a sharper discrepancy in wealth distribution — to name a few.
But is global warming also affecting the behavior of species on the planet? Including homo sapiens? And more specifically, is it having an adverse effect on marriage, relationships and divorce rates around the world?
One could argue that global warming can, and is, affecting human behavior across the globe. Like the weather, people are becoming increasingly violent and agitated in their family life and in relation to others in their immediate and global communities. Just take a look at World News Tonight or Reuters and you will see a planet full of people who are totally agitated and increasingly unpredictable. Just like the weather. Just like the crops. Just like the other species who are endangered due to this imbalance that is occurring at the core of nature. People are becoming increasingly insane.
One could argue that this agitation and unpredicatability is bad for marriages and families. First of all, the world is becoming increasingly feminized–and that is, arguably, a big problem. What is the cause of this? One explanation is global warming; turbulence in nature that is caused by improper human habits and attitudes.
For one thing, the roles that the sexes traditionally played in marriage is shifting. Some people see this as a good thing because men are becoming more “empathetic” and more “right-brained” in their thinking and more “sensitive.” But is it a good thing? And is this change a result of evolution? Or is there a chip in the brain that is being pinged as a result of nature gone awry due, once again, to global warming that causes an imbalance of everything it touches, including human hormones and human thought processes and human behavior?
Nature does not do well where there is imbalance whether one is talking about the high seas, or the psychosis of man. It (nature) will react violently and unpredictably, and destructively, in fact, where there is imbalance, in order to recalibrate.
Clearly, the family structure across the globe is going through a period of “imbalance,” resulting in an increasing tendency for familial breakdowns. This possibly comes from the way people – men and women – think of themselves in relation to each other. And this way of thinking is being influenced, heavily, by an element of imbalance that is occurring at the structural core of nature; to the extent that this change and imbalance is causing a global human crisis, a correction needs to be made to “green” people up. People need to be greened up, just like the environment. Otherwise, it is more than wars and pestilence that will come to humanity. We simply will lose our ability to sustain ourselves as beings and a species  who need to function as a family unit – which involves equal doses of yin and yang. The result will be extinction for sure.
Before there was the whole green movement, humankind happily polluted the earth, thinking there are no consequences. Then we realized that what happens in China can affect the health of the air that blows in Kansas. And vice versa. And so adjustments are being made and it has become chic to say “I am green” and to recycle and to try to do good things in and to the environment.
The family environment is in a total mess and disarray. THIS IS TRUE ACROSS THE GLOBE. And while we are busy cleaning up the external environment to avert disaster – admittedly a noble and crucial task – we are making no connection to the environment of the human mind and how we are all being affected by this seismic shift in how our planet is relating to itself due to improper conduct on our part. We are not seeing that human beings also need to be environmentally re-arranged, to be saved, so that men and women relate in a healthier way in their families, communities, and world.
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