Handwriting analysis & divorce: can you predict your odds of divorce based on your handwriting?

HANDWRITING ANALYSIS AND DIVORCE handwriting1“One of the most profound uses of handwriting analysis is the art of compatibility analysis. I say “art” because even though predicting the personality is based on solid psychological principles, the ability to combine those two personalities and predict how these to humans will interact takes years of experience and is not something that can be calculated with math.” byBart Baggett

I am not exactly a proponent of the handwriting analysis school of thought. I think a lot of it is guesswork, and still a lot of it is hogwash. For instance, how do you look at someone’s handwriting and tell them they are sexually frustrated when a person’s writing was already perfected by fifth grade and will remain the same till they die at 98 more than likely? So are you saying that no matter what transpires in a person’s life that based on the way they curve their T they will always be sexually frustrated? I think that’s bullshit nonsense. But analysts have said that. The guy quoted above has this website where he illustrates a couple he claims is heading for divorce and he perceives the handwriting to prove that they are heading for divorce. You can check it out for yourself. I mean, my big thing with this theory is that it is illogical because it’s not like people change their handwriting every year or something. Your writing is your writing and has been your writing since elementary school and will likely be your handwriting till you die. So to base anything going on emotionally in your marriage 30 years hence on your writing? That to me is total BS nonsense.
But. That’s just my opinion and I just wanted to put the information out there that there are schools of thought that link handwriting of couples to their likelihood of divorce. There are folks who believe that your handwriting handwriting2can tell them a lot about whether you are compatible with someone, and even whether you are in a happy marriage or whether you will divorce, or are divorcing; and it can actually predict the odds of this happening. Who am I to say it ain’t so?
There is also a book out there The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Handwriting Analysis by Sheila R. Lowe that might be informative. There are entire sections on what the handwriting says about potential mates. She really does an indepth analysis. I am still not persuaded by this “art” or maybe they now want to call it a “science.” I think it is bullcrap as I said. But you know what? Never mind me. My opinion doesn’t matter. I’m just the blogger. I’m just supposed to put the information out there and let you decide for yourself.
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