How Tiger Woods can rebuild after the divorce: 10 Tips

Can Tiger come back after a divorce from Elin Nordegren Woods? Why not?  Didn’t Bill Clinton comeback after Monica, Paula, Jennifer Flowers and all these other hoochie mamas? Yes he did. Clinton was the biggest hound dog and he was impeached for his sins but he came back. He went on to establish the Clinton Global Initiative and he spearheaded his wife’s White House run, and he still has credibility and gravitas. Of course, he didn’t get divorced. But that is beside the point. Tiger can still comeback after a divorce just like Clinton came back after his scandals. Here’s how:
1. Stay single for a while and sow his wild oats; if he does re-marry, marry a dark skinned Asian like his mother. A woman like that will lower the profile and controversy of his marriage by a huge degree. People won’t be so interested and invested in it the way they are if he is married to a lighter skinned woman. Look at Shaq. Who cares about Shaq and his divorce from his wife? Nobody. Because Shaq married a low profile woman. That is what Tiger needs to do.
2. Write a book and speak truthfully and honestly about what happened November 2009, the marriage and the bimbos. But do not bad mouth his wife under any circumstances. Just speak the truth. Was there a lack of intimacy in the marriage? Were they not having sex? Was there indifference in their relations to each other? What was the driving force behind his sex-starved conduct? Why did he act like a man who wasn’t getting it at home? Come out with it in details without casting blame. Take full responsibility for his behavior, but explain himself. And accept nothing less than $150 million advance. 
3. Engage in a bunch of public interest initiatives that involve underprivileged kids. Go to schools and give talks about something. Golf, perhaps, but maybe how to bounce back after making a mistake. People will eat that up.
5. Win the Masters and about 3 other tournaments in one year – and donate the top prize won to a charity. But don’t play any tournaments in 2010. Take 2010 off away from golf to write the book, practice, and wait out the fickle public who will be less vindictive in about 365 days about his past transgressions.
6. Give Elin a really generous payout to go their separate ways. Let her have the kids but with stipulations about how they will be raised and where.
7. Continue to keep a low profile and DO NOT GIVE ANY TV INTERVIEWS.
8. Be seen out with his kids on Daddy visitation days looking happy and healthy with happy, healthy kids.
9. Re-cultivate his mystique. Yes, it’s shattered now. But it can be restored by the actions of Tiger himself. He shouldn’t cheapen himself by acting out of character in public. Continue to be Tiger Woods, play your golf and don’t do anything any differently in your professional life. Just be seen strategically with the kids, let it be known about your public service work, and never bad-mouth your wife. And your next wife, remember: LOW PROFILE. DARK. ASIAN.
10. During this time out from golf in 2010, rescind ALL endorsement deals that are still active – including Nike. Don’t allow anyone else to drop you. You drop them. Get clean. Streamline everything in  your life. When you come back, enter into new deals with fresh new people based on the new Tiger who made mistakes and has proven that you can come back after major fuck ups.