BRITAIN: Big-money break-ups in the spotlight as bankers and other high fliers set to divorce in greater numbers in 2010

The UK Guardian had an article up today, Why former City high-flyers start the new year by planning to divorce: Seasonal expenses are often the final straw for couples depressed by their loss of wealth
and it seems that bleak holiday moods – in particular the mood at Christmastime – is the final straw for many couples who were barely holding their glue together throughout the year. In fact, there is an expected marked increase in the number of divorce filings in London for 2010 for the big money set, and the posh law firms in Mayfair mayfairand around London are rising up to greet them as they saunter through their doors:

Mishcon de Reya, which represented Diana, Princess of Wales, among other high-flying divorcees, is preparing “welcome packs” for husbands and wives seeking to initiate proceedings in the new year. “The new packs explain in easy-to-understand language the financial implications of divorce and set out the options that are available for couples seeking to separate,” says Melissa Lesson, a partner at the firm.

Marilyn Stowe, a senior partner at a London firm may have hit the nail on the head, though. Here is how she explains this expected spike in divorce filings in the world’s divorce capital:

Marilyn Stowe, senior partner at Stowe Family Law, says: “When the first effects of the recession were felt I think people froze, but I don’t think you can put a broken relationship on hold for ever. I also think financial trouble has exacerbated difficulties between couples.”

I think that is a more plausible reason and explanation than this supposed melt down that occurs because they have “less disposable income” at Christmas. It’s like, just how long can you keep a farce going when you can’t stand a person anymore? Wealth or poverty notwithstanding, most people would not be able to live a lie indefinitely. Sure the recession of 2008 slowed a lot of folks. But in 2010, people are going to wake up from the stupor and go, “yes there is a recession but I can’t stand the sight of you anymore and I am outta here!” That is why the divorce rate will spike in 2010. And perhaps January will see the brunt of it. But that is typical of January. It is the busiest month for divorce attorney’s the world over.
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