NEW YORK: Miryam Meyers accuses investment banker husband Jason Meyers of using her as his sex slave?

Oh my word. This one is a doozie. Wife, a French citizen, apparently, met investment banker husband in Geneva in 2007. They married in October 2009 and husband filed for divorce 15 days after the City Hall nuptials (the divorce papers were signed notarized by his ex wife, a divorce attorney named Natasha Meyers, according to the New York Post), following an altercation that brought the Nassau County Police Department to their home to arrest the investment banker husband. The charges?  According to the New York Post, the charges were assault. The husband had locked the wife, allegedly, out of the LI home and she tried to enter through a broken window and he dragged her through the window when she tried to get in. That is hard to believe someone of his stature would do something so untoward. The Post must be mistaken, eh?
Wow. The wife makes a series of allegations against the husband that, if true, are truly disturbing. Check out the link to the Post article to get the full scoop. But with a husband like that, who needs Jack the Ripper? You know?