MALIBU: Breaking news about Camila Alves and Matthew McConaughey's baby girl and marriage

No divorce for Matthew and Camila!
Congratulations are in order for celeb hotness Matthew McConaughey and his live in girl friend Camila Alves. The couple welcomes their baby daughter Vida Alves McConaughey into the world today. Vida joins older brother Levi and mom and pop to make a happy family of four.
But why haven’t they married? Yes, I know it’s not anyone’s business why. But they seem so perfectly suited to each other. They are fertile and prolific and this has got to be the longest relationship Matthew has ever found himself in. In a weird way, the boy seems to have settled down! Leads me to wonder whether they are having trouble with the prenup discussion. Matthew is probably worried that Camila could turn out to be a gold digger if they ever divorce and so he is hesitant to make it official. Either that or Camila is holding out and she doesn’t like the terms of the prenup. To her, the right prenup is no prenup kinda thingy.
Oh well. Too bad they can’t agree on this issue. They should definitely get married now and legitimize not only their relationship, but the children also.¬† They should make their children glorious legitimates.
Don’t you think?