THE 9 MANLIEST EX HUSBANDS OF 2009, according to Divorce Saloon
1. George David – This CEO paid alimony rather than got alimony; that’s hot.
2. Guy Ritchie – This film director got alimony but he also has a stiff upper British lip that is very manly and possibly is a great aphrodisiac when the lights are out.
3. Steve Wynn – This billionaire casino mogul never got into a public fracas with his wife; and never did he denigrate his wife or subject her to public humiliations like drug tests, etc., like some other billionaires have done, even though he has a hotter, younger babe for a girlfriend.
4. Mel Gibson – Even though he cheated, and is known to love the bottle, this movie star takes responsibility for his kids whether wedlock, or inglorious bastards.
5. Sumner Redstone – This executive/mogul is slightly weird but he handled his business with total maturity and without drama; and he remains friends with his ex-wife – we think.
6. Henry Silverman – This aging billionaire was “kosher” in how he broke it to his wife that it was over and then he left her in the luxury condominium apartment while he sorted himself out with new girlfriend Karen in a rental across town.
7.  David Letterman and Donald Trump – Oh, wait. Dave didn’t get divorce this year. Neither did Mr. Trump. But each is very manly in his own way.
madoff8. Bernie Madoff – though it wasn’t technically a divorce, whatever you call it that Ruth was left with, Bernie, the biggest ponzi swindler of all time, took it like a man.
9.Nicolas Sarkozy – The president of France may have a slight Napoleon complex, but a quick re-marriage to Carla Bruni after a 2007 divorce from wife Cecelia manned him up several notches.
Originally published October 23, 2009
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