New book claims Warren Beatty has slept with 12,775 women, give or take: Time for Annette to consider divorce?

Star: How Warren Beatty Seduced America” (Simon & Schuster), biographer Peter Biskind hazards a guess about the conquests of Hollywood’s most notorious lothario — based, he says, on “simple arithmetic.” Biskind estimates “12,775 women, give or take, a figure that does not include daytime quickies, drive-bys, casual gropings, stolen kisses and so on.” NYP.

Wow. 12,775 women in one lifetime? Hme…that’s a lot. If true, that’s a whole lot. Tiger Woods slept with 12 and his life is destroyed. Warren slept with 12,775? That’s like 12,775 separate exposure to god knows what kind of ailments comes from these activities! Not to mention the fact that whore-mongering is just bad PR. Although, hush. Perez Hilton called Warren a “hero.”
Besides, who marries an individual that exposes their family jewels that that much toxicity? I would think that after the first 1000 you start to get pretty toxic pretty quickly and then it’s all downhill. You can’t taste that great by the halfway mark, I’m thinking. I mean to say, it’s one thing to say Mr. Beatty loves women and he loves sex, but this is definitely, and forgive the word I am going to use, but this type of behavior, if true, rises to the level of sluttery. Anybody who sleeps with that many people is a slut. I’m sorry but straight up. And potentially, that can be very bad for one’s sexual organs. Although, it is curious that Warren only ever impregnated his wife. Guess he always practiced safe sex. Kudos to him for that.
I mean, hey. Obviously, he was very selective some of the time. According to the New York Post, he had the creme de la creme of Hollywood, to wit, ALLEGEDLY: Jane Fonda, Joan Collins, Jule Christie, Diane Keaton, Madonna and Janice Dickson to name a few. They are obviously healthy. But according to the report, of the 12,769 remaining women, he wasn’t always that selective. In fact, here is how an assistant reportedly and allegedly described some of Mr. Beatty’s sexcapades, according to the Post:

When he was shooting 1974’s “The Parallax View,” for example, his trailer had a steady stream of female admirers coming and going. An intern on the film recalled being surprised that “some of the girls outside Beatty’s trailer who got past the door were not particularly attractive, especially since Julie Christie, who was doing ‘Uncle Vanya’ on Broadway, was flying in to spend every weekend with him. Some were chubby, some had hints of mustaches on their upper lips. Some had the errant pimple or mole or other blemishes.”

Read more here at the Post.

Wow. That’s incredible!!! I mean, there is the voracious sexual appetite a la Tiger Woods and then there is this. What is this? What is this???  And why did all these women succumb to him if in fact they did? One even married him, for heaven’s sakes! And I’ll bet any of those other yentas would have married him if he had asked, in spite of his womanizing ways. Wonder why? What is he packing that was so fabulous?
Well, here is what the Post said that Warren said about Jane Fonda:

Beatty would later rave about Fonda’s sexual prowess “due to her ability to virtually unhinge her jaw, like a python that swallows prey much larger than itself.”
Wow! That’s advanced! But. The question I have is, what I want to know is, how do you marry a man like that knowing his past? He seems frightening. Even his sister Shirley McClaine is alleged to have said that she would keep her daughter far from him? What does that mean? What does that mean?
And the bigger question is, how did his wife Annette Bening avoid divorce for all these years? She bagged the rascal and to my knowledge he never strayed. How come? Is he just exhausted and old and worn out from all that intercourse? Or is Annette, number 12,776, a……….well, actually, I won’t ask the question. Forget it………inappropriate and shark-jumping……..
All I’m gonna say is that I am just really impressed that Warren’s remained faithful for so long to one woman with a track record like that, if true; and they never divorced! But, hey. The year is young.