LOS ANGELES: Who will get custody of Casey Johnson's adopted daughter Ava?

By now, everyone’s heard that Johnson and Johnson baby powder heiress Casey Johnson is dead. Pending the toxicology report and an autopsy, no one knows for sure what the cause of death is. But she certainly seems like she had a lot of high profile friends including celebrities Lindsay Lohan and the Hilton sisters Paris and Nicky who have been on Twitter all day talking about how heartbroken they are about her untimely passing.
Was Casey on drugs? Well, a recent report in the New York Post seems to suggest that there was some concern by her family and friends that she was becoming “increasingly erratic.” The Post back in December:

 Casey leaves behind her parents and her fiance Tila Tequila, and her baby daughter. She adopted Ava from Russia in 2007. Just this past late summer into late fall, it was reported that Casey and her mother Sale were involved in a protracted and weird custody fight over the little Ava and that she had returned to New York to get Ava from her mother’s custody. It seems her mother was concerned for Ava’s safety. It is unclear if Casey had been successful at wrestling Ava away from her mother. But it seems there were some serious concerns for the child’s wellbeing not only from Casey’s mom, but from her former best friend, a woman named Jasmine Leonard. Jasmine was quoted on TV.com as saying the following:

I had been caring for Ava for several months. Casey fired her nanny, then realized it was Nicky Hilton‘s birthday party and had nobody to look after her. She asked if I could have Ava for the night, then didn’t come back for 10 days.”Basically, she got bored of buying herself bags and shoes and bought herself a daughter from Kazakhstan in 2007, but was too crazy to look after her. Her mother, Sale, took Ava and brought her to New York, which is the best place for her.

That is obviously hard to believe. However, now that Casey is dead, it could mean that her mother will simply petition the courts of New York to either adopt Ava outright, or to be declared Ava’s legal guardian. It is possible, also, that Casey’s fiancee Tila Tequila  will also submit a petition for custody. But there is no way shape or form she will get custody of that child, especially because she is not next of kin since she and Casey were not yet married.
Ava will definitely be staying in the Johnson family.
But what a sad story. It almost seems as though young and rich Hollywood is in crisis. Dying young and abruptly in Hollywood seems like it’s become the new Birkin bag. Who’s going to be next?