OMAN: Divorce rates fall in Oman as husbands take second wives

According to a report in Abu Dhabi’s The National newspaper

[T]he divorce rate in Oman dropped by 12 per cent in 2008 from the previous year. At the same time, the number of men taking second wives increased by more than 20 per cent.
“It is a way of making compromises… between men and their first wives,” Fatma Fallahy, a 74-year-old marriage counsellor, said. “Men say: ‘I will keep the first family as a dutiful husband, but I need to marry a second wife to keep my libido up’

Yea. Whatever. Apparently, it’s been widely known that Islam allows a man up to four wives so long as he treats each wife equally both emotionally and financially. Of course, what can I say about that given my New Years Resolution to stop cursing once and for all? I can’t render a true, honest opinion which I can sum up in one word about this rule.
Don’t get me wrong. I respect, for the most part, people’s religious views and cultural traditions. But as I age, I am seeing more and more that organized religion (and I am talking the three main ones Christianity, Islam and Judaism) is largely founded on the precepts and desires of a group of misogynistic, paternalistic, sexually greedy men who have completely warped the world and lives of women the world over. And I am supposed to be Catholic. I am Catholic! But when you get right down to it, and you really think about these three religions and what they have accomplished as far as keeping women exactly where they want to keep women, all in the name of God? Nah ah. I don’t believe God told any of these son of a guns that it’s ok for a man to have umpteen wives but for a woman to have just one husband. This rule comes solely from a bunch of long-eyed, lascivious, sexually greedy, (and I”m really trying to hold my tongue here!) coveteous men who wanted to have, at their disposals, as many vaginas as they could physically handle at any given time, with impunity. End. of. discussion.
And that sexual greed right there? It has such adverse consequences for women. Especially those living in societies like Oman that overtly endorse this nonsense. Listen to the story of  one of the wives interviewed for the article of which I am venting. Her name is Aisha Suleimany. This is what she said:

Ms Suleimany said she and her husband took a joint bank loan before he married again [to his second wife] to build a second home.
“The second home that he now lives in with his second wife is partly my effort,” Ms Suleimany added. “I understand Islam allows men to have two wives, but it is hard for most women to accept that when the only reason is just to get a younger model.”

Oh. And according to the article, there are women in Oman masquerading as “marriage counselors” in these societies that, typically (I mean, it happens right here in the United States in various contexts) blame women for the horrendous sexual greed of men. Says the National:

Other marriage counsellors have little sympathy for first wives. “In my opinion, women have only themselves to blame for letting themselves go. They need to look after themselves and stay attractive,” Safiya Suleiman, a 58-year-old marriage counsellor, said.

Can you believe this shit? I mean, I’m sorry. I’m cursing. And forgive me Lord. But what is this bullshit? What is this in 2010? I guess it’s better than having extra-marital affairs. I mean, look at the President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma what’shisface, for chrissakes. We had a report and a link to pics of his Zulu wedding to his third wife just yesterday. Did you see it? OMG. And the author pretty much stated that Zuma came out and said that his polygamy is better than those guys who cheat on their wives. But I couldn’t help wondering if he’s only slept with his five wives or five women in his lifetime, or whether his greed extends further than that, so that he’s just as lascivious and sexually greedy as the rest of them, has bedded more women that he can count (extramaritally, btw) but has made a “honest woman” of five of the bunch? This is my big question. You know?
But then again, is he any worse, than, say, a Bill Clinton or a Warren Beatty or a Tiger Woods? You know what? I can’t even discuss this topic anymore. It’s just too much for me to handle right now. If you want, read the article in The National right here. You can analyze this for yourself.
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