CHICAGO: The Good Karma Divorce by Judge Michele Lowrance

Has anyone read this book? I just saw online that she was on Good Morning America this morning reading an excerpt, and it seems to have gotten decent reviews. Here is an excerpt from the good divorce lawyer turned judge’s book:

What did I want for this couple? I wanted them—a husband and wife who had damaged each other, who had even devastated each other—to realize their anger would destroy them and infect every aspect of their future. I wanted them both to realize that this was what was happening. It finally struck me: they did not yet realize this. They had no idea of the extent to which their anger and resentment would injure those around them, as it damaged their own hearts, souls, and destinies. They had relinquished their strength by relying only on their attorneys and the court system to determine their future, oblivious to their own power over this potentially treacherous divorce process. There, in that forty-foot-square courtroom, this couple would either fuse with their anger, resentment, and bitterness or follow a path leading to peace through wisdom, understanding, and eventually forgiveness. They were facing a fork in the road that would change their lives forever.

It is a fantasy many of us have. That we can change the human heart and spirit and nature. But just like love is tender and kind, hate is quite the opposite. Divorce often is synonymous with hate. It is nature. Most people love as hard as they hate. When it is over, darlings, grab on to your seats. Cause shizzo is gonna go down!
But you know what? Kudos to Judge Lowrance for her hope that one day, people can actually start acting like cozy stuffed animals.