FRANCE: Respected psychologist Maryse Vaillant says husbands should be allowed an occasional fling. Agree or disagree?

I was over at John Bolch’s blog, Family lore and heard this story about the French psychologist who seems to advocate that women embrace their philandering husbands………………. Check out more here
Want to save your marriage? It may mean allowing your husband an occassional fling, if you listen to respected French psychologist Maryse Vaillant.
Sure, I would have been outraged by such a theory a few years back. But I have to admit I am starting to think that there is something unique to the male sexual psyche, that try as he might, every few, if any,¬†can be satisfied with one sexual partner. They are polygamous by nature. I mean, it could just be a cop out. Just the way men have been raised and socialized to want it all and to feel entitled to having it all – well, at least, all they can manage without killing themselves in the process. But it could be that biologically, they just are wired in such a way that they can’t help it. Which is it? Is it biology or sociology that is the problem with this species?
And really, is this good advice for women trying to avoid divorce? Or is it condonation?
And why can’t, or shouldn’t women have the same privilege of taking multiple lovers or even husbands?