SOUTH KOREA: Judge rules that sexless marriage is not a basis for divorce

In a nutshell, Mr. Kim married Mrs. Kim in 2005. The marriage was never consummated. Mr. Kim moved for divorce in 2007. The court ruled against him saying:

“Unless the defendant wishes to accept the decision for divorce, it is hard to acknowledge the marriage with the plaintiff has been broken beyond recovery,” the court said in a decision made available to media.

That’s a tough decision for Mr. Kim, obviously. The desire to have you-know-what is natural and human for most homosapiens. If one party does not want to oblige, this is enough to send some folks up a wall. But there is the other school of thought that homosapiens are too sex-obsessed and that one can live quite fine without sex. More importantly, the reasoning behind the judge’s decision is that there is a social need to stem the number of divorces in South Korea which has seen a steady rise in their divorce rate since the 1990’s, to the point that South Korea has one of the highest divorce rates in Asia. Seems to me that that’s a good reason to deny this divorce.
But on the other hand, how is the court on adultery? If Mr. Kim really just burns for sex, then he is going to obtain it one way or another. He probably already is. This is 2010. He got married in 2005. Mrs. Kim probably knows that he’s getting it elsewhere and she is withholding consent to the divorce just so he can’t marry the other beyatch. In which case, that is bad faith and this divorce should have been granted.
It’s complicated. It’s a complicated issue. Because sex is not a necessity in life. It is a fringe. And marriage can survive just fine without sex if both parties are okay with that. Happens all the time in cases, for instance, where the man has diabetes or something untoward like that; prostate cancer, whatever. And you don’t see these wives running out to get a divorce, do you? But on the other hand, to never consummate the marriage at all, ever?
I think Mr. Kim would like to climb the Great Wall of China.