The clitoris at the intersection of divorce court and happily ever after

I realize that the title of this post is potentially titillating; or maybe even funny and you should know that I am red-faced just talking about it.  But I am not laughing cause this is no laughing matter. The fact is, there is a genuine issue of fact as to what extent, if at all, is a husband’s inability to properly, um, make friends with his wife’s, um, whatever, is a deal breaker? And how often does that end in divorce? And does it have to be like that?
A quick browse of the web definitely leaves one with a definite impression that this “failure” on the part of at least some husbands, could potentially be a dealbreaker in not just a few marriages. Indeed, it seems that some husbands are wholly oblivious to the existence or location of this….what synonym can one use that is not totally risqué?…..let’s call it her poom. So, some husbands are wholly oblivious to the existence, location, and even the technological make up (including html codes and meta tags) of his wife’s poom. But husbands take note: Your failure in this department can definitely propel a wife to divorce court! However, your willingness to learn and to aim to provide her with nirvana emotions on this issue, and even more important your prowess and competence at this “career” can result in a marriage that is “happily ever after.”
Speaking of which: The wife does have her duties too. Ladies, did you ever hear the Warren Beatty quote about Jane Fonda (code word: Python?)? In the wrong context, it can even be obscene, to be sure. But in the context of “happily ever after” and the divorce court intersection? Warren’s description is spot on. Wives, take note!!!
FRENCH TRANSLATION: Le clitoris à l’intersection du juge du divorce…