UGANDA: Marriage and Divorce Bill unveiled

According to the blog The African Bride, Uganda has finally unveiled its long awaited revisions to the Marriage and Divorce Bill. Seems the updates have been about 4 decades in the making. The bill, which gives women the right to divorce an impotent husband also does the following:

 establishes equitable distribution of property between spouses upon divorce, providing co-habiting couples with the same rights to property as married people; for the first time in Uganda, it also establishes marital rape as a crime. The wide ranging piece of legislation outlaws the practice of widow inheritance and makes it an offense to demand the return of bride price upon dissolution of a marriage.

The most important thing is that the laws in Uganda finally recognize the “non-monetary” contributions of  aggrieved women to a broken marriage, aka, childrearing, and finally gives them means of redress in a divorce.
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