WASHINGTON: Is White House budget director Peter Orszag a divorce waiting to happen for ABC's Brianna Golodryga?

He’s a cute-looking geek on the surface, but is Peter Orszag a good risk for beauty Brianna Golodryga? The divorced father of two may be more than Ms. Golodryga can handle if published reports are true.
Orszag and Golodryga announced their engagement a few weeks back and since then, Peter got swamped down in all this bad press on account of the fact that he allegedly dumped his pregnant girlfriend, a Harvard MBA Greek heiress no less, for the lippy Golodryga back last May after the lovebirds met at a White House Correspondent’s Dinner.
According to published reports, the pregnant Greek Harvard MBA heiress, a blondish woman named Claire Milonas is just absolutely devastated and her Greek shipping magnate father, 81, almost had a cow on account of how Mr. Orszag reportedly dumped his daughter like an unceremonious lump of Greek trash and failed to marry her like the piece of gold that she really is. In fact, the New York Post says that friends of Ms. Milonas described Mr. Orszag as a “boor.” My. My.
The question presented now is whether Mr. Orszag can be trusted with the heart of any woman and specifically with the heart of the butterfly Brianna. Surely, Golodryga is a pretty girl and very smart and accomplished and has a great job. So what’s not to like? But Orszag is used to having the best of them and he has shown that he has no problem with dumping them if something lippier comes around to tempt his attention and libido, says some people in the know. After all, there’s the ex wife, the two kids, the ex pregnant girlfriend (who now has the daughter named Tatiana Zoe who is a few weeks old), and now, here is Golodryga, the fresh meat on his plate. What will he do with her?
Should Brianna call for a time out to figure out if her new beau is really Mr. Right or if he is really Mr. Cassanova? Or should she plunge headlong into this thing and hope for the best?