What if God divorced humanity?

What if God were one of us? And he got so sick of us he decided to divorce us? And he packed his bags and left us?
What if he took all his assets? Like water, light, air, and food and left us to fend for ourselves and acquire our own stuff and make a way for ourselves with nothing to start out with?
What if he left us economical wiped out and said we were not entitled to any equitable distribution since we did “nothing” to contribute to the relationship?
What if he took custody of our kids? And never let us have any visitation?
What if he kicked us to the curb due to “no fault” of our own and told us he found other people to love? And told us he didn’t care whether we wanted the divorce or not, that he was out of here, adios, goodbye, see you later gaters?
What if he cheated on us? How would that feel? What if he called us ugly names?
What if he locked us out of our “home” and threw away the key?
What if….what if God divorced us?