FLORIDA: Ex NFL star files chapter 7 bankruptcy; owes ex-wife $3,000,000

According to Associated Press reports,  Bernie Kosar will be liquidating his assets (about $9,000,000) in a chapter 7 bankruptcy filind in Fort Lauderdale.
The ex NFL and Miami Hurricanes star quaterback owed his creditors a combined $18,000,000 – and this includes the $3,000,000 to his ex-wife.
As far as I remember about bankruptcy law, however, a person cannot discharge child support and alimony payments in bankruptcy. And I believe the rule applies to property settlements too. No, it doesn’t. The parties would have to classify the payment as alimony to avoid the bankruptcy scheme, sorry. So what that means is that that $3,000,000 debt to his wife will still be hanging out there after the filing, as if he never even filed and he still owes her the money and will owe her till he either pays her or dies–if it is classified as alimony or maintenance or child support. Actually, even if he dies, it’s still a lien on his estate for that cash. But as far as the other $15,000,000 that he owes to other creditors, once he files a chapter 7, that’s the end of it. He doesn’t have to pay them squat.
So the trick is to have any monies classified as alimony but then, you have to think about the tax consequences. But better pay a little bit of tax, than lose the whole thing if you classify it as property settlement and then your spouse files for bankruptcy. Eh?