BELFAST: Will Iris Robinson's affair with teenage lover result in divorce from Peter?

I turn to you, Mrs. Robinson a nation turns its lonely eyes to you, ooh ooh ooh….are those the right words? Hope so….
In any event, a delicious story out of Ireland caught my eye this evening as I sleuthed around the Internet looking for divorce dirt. Not a lot out there these last few days. Everything’s kinda quiet (except in Washington where Harry Reid is in trouble for saying that Obama doesn’t speak the “negro dialect.” 🙂 )
Anyhoo. I found this interesting little nugget over the pond in Ireland that sounds a bit salacious. It has to do with this government official named Iris Robinson, 58 and her teenage lover, 19.  So she’s being compared to the Mrs. Robinson in Dustin Hoffman’s 1967 film, The Graduate. And one can see why, I suppose. I am sure her husband Peter Robinson is hardly amused, however. Says the Huffington Post:

Iris Robinson, happens to be a member of Parliament and the wife of Peter Robinson – Northern Ireland’s government leader.The BBC reported that Iris Robinson allegedly solicited 50,000 pounds ($80,000) from businessmen so her young lover could open a restaurant – without disclosing the fact to lawmakers.
Iris Robinson has said she would not seek re-election because she was suffering clinical depression that left her unable to function in public life and revealed that she attempted suicide. She also begged forgiveness from her husband, Peter, and the public.

Home girl obviously thinks she’s Madonna. What she doesn’t realize is that Madonna waits till she gets divorced before she beds barely pubescent adolescent boys.  But she’s a hottie, that Iris. Check out her photo here.
Wonder what the rules for divorce are in Ireland? They are obviously a very Catholic country. And adultery would more than likely be a basis to end a marriage. Actually, I think I did a post about divorce in Ireland. Hang on………………………………..yes. Here it is. There is a mandatory 4 year separation period over there. Wow.
Well, you know, what if Peter is impotent? And I’m not trying to be the “bison in a china closet,” but what if he is? Might that be a defense?
Oh my word. Oh my word.  🙂
UPDATE: Iris lost her job today and Peter is this close to being booted on account of these loan scandals. Oh my word, this is serious. He may have no choice but to unload his wife if he wants to keep his job. Stay tuned for more updates.