ABU DHABI: Divorce is rising furiously in the Arab regions and the main reason is debt

According to reports from Khaleej Times Online, divorce is rising in Arab society.

According to the January issue of ‘999’ magazine, a publication of the Ministry of Interior (MoI), out of every thousand marriages in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), there are 33 divorces.
Egypt has the highest rate, with divorce taking place every six minutes. Egypt is followed by Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and Morocco, said Khalifa Mohammed Al Mehrazi, Family Relations advisor at Dubai Courts.

In Egypt, it is reported that folks get divorced every 6 minutes. Not surprisingly, it appears that women and children are the victims of divorce and women bear a greater stigma than men after a divorce in Arab society. Historically, a divorce has pretty much meant the “destruction of life” for a woman in Arab society and really strain them socially, financially and emotionally, especially because the ordeal can take about 5 years to resolve from start to finish. According to the article, however, that is changing. More women are going back to school, getting involved in charity work and immersing themselves in raising their children post-divorce.
According to the article:

 “The main cause of divorce is debt,” stated Dr Mohammed Suleiman Al Faraj, Fatwa (Islamic Verdicts) advisor at the Abu Dhabi Courts Department, Family Guidance.

“Other causes are bad treatment, family interference from outside, violence and drunkenness and living with the family of one of the partners,” added Dr Al Faraj.
The difficulty of the woman to balance work and family commitments, conflict in nationality and social traditions and suspicions about the partner’s behaviour are also contributory factors to divorce, said ?Al Faraj

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