Could Cybill Shephard's 1989 divorce been responsible for son Cyrus' recent arrest?

This may be a stretch. But divorce does mess up kids. Big time. It has been proven. Could Cyrus Shephard-Oppenheim’s arrest be the result of his parents Bruce Oppenheim and Cybill Shephard’s divorce years ago?
Today’s arrest of Moonlighting actress Cybill Shephard’s son Cyrus Shephard-Oppenheim, 22, raises questions about what went wrong with his upbringing that he would resort to the petty crimes he is accused of. Published reports are circulating that Cyrus was arrested and charged with mid air thefts. It is the weirdest story ever:

Cyrus Shepherd-Oppenheim was arrested in Philadelphia on Tuesday around midnight after the United Airlines plane arrived from San Francisco. Police say witnesses identified Shepherd-Oppenheim as the man who allegedly stole cash, a digital camera, leather make-up case and a small travel bag from two passengers’ carry-on luggage.¬†Shepherd-Oppenheim has been charged with theft and receiving stolen property.

 Wow. Maybe celebrity parents are not good for kids. Throw in a celeb parent divorce, and you end up with this. I mean, this kid had the resources to be anything he wanted, rocket scientist, doctor, lawyer, economist, actor, Google-founder, whatever. He ends up stealing a camera and, what? A make-up case on a domestic flight?
Wow. That’s just sad. It really just is. Is it a big fat excuse to blame his mother’s celebrity and divorce? At 22 he really ought to take responsibility for his own failures I’m thinking. He needs to be held accountable if in fact he is guilty as charged….oh, that’s a thought. Maybe he’s been wrongly accused. Let’s wait and see how this story evolves.