NEW YORK: The counterfeit divorce settlement between Conan O'brien and NBC

I have virtually been living under a rock buried deep in the Southern countryside of the United States, and so I pretty much had no idea that Conan and NBC had gotten a divorce were having marriage problems on account of the fact that NBC had buyers remorse and wanted their former mate Jay Leno back (They’ve treated Conan like a glorified mail order bride, haven’t they?) Was this a consortium problem? Who knows. But my big question is, what does the divorce settlement look like? Word is the ink hasn’t yet dried on the final agreement however, there is talk that Conan is getting the short end of the stick no matter which way you spin things. Sure, the parties had a pre-marital agreement but it sounds like NBC was, at least initially, threatening to prevent Conan from getting re-married per some clause in their prenup. But on that front, it looks like they may have relented. But has there been full disclosure nonetheless? In order for Conan to avoid getting a “counterfeit” divorce settlement, it is necessary to first have a clear, well-rounded picture of all the marital assets so that one can make an informed decision, even at the prenup stage. But the way in which Leno, the ex, was able to so easily weasel and wiggle his way back into that marital relationship definitely gives me pause and makes me wonder if Conan got used as well as screwed and whether that will just be exacerbated once the divorce settlement is fait accomplis? He needs a damn good divorce lawyer. I hear Trope and Trope (out in LA) are the go to guys for stuff like this. Hahahahaha :).
I know. Not funny.
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