What would cause award winning actor Dennis Hopper (Crash?) who is battling a terminal case of prostate cancer to file for divorce from his 5th wife after 14 years of marriage Рwhile on his death bed? Well, if you believe the Huffington Post and the National Enquirer this is all about money and getting wifey # 5, a brunette beauty who goes by the name of Victoria and who is the mother of his six year old daughter Galen, out of the will. Mr. Hopper also has three grown children from Previous relationships. Says the Daily News:

Hopper, 73, is reportedly on his death bed but managed to file a divorce petition Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court, citing “irreconcilable difference” as the cause of the split from his 42-year-old bride.

The filing is being described by pals of the couple as sudden, and a big shock. He just pretty much made her redundant from his death bed and is seeking custody of Galen. Was it something she did? Or are the rumors that the medications Dennis is taking have dulled his senses true? Wow. This is a shocker. This is sad.
But even if she doesnt’ get anything in the will, she will get her community property share of their marital estate. He can’t totally disinherit her like that. I don’t see that happening.