TV star Montel Williams' kids suggest he's a bad father post-divorce

Do you remember when Montel Williams was married to this very attractive brunette woman and was on this award winning TV show? I probably shouldn’t admit that I’m old enough to remember this as it can only date me. But I do remember the days, even though I never watched his show. Seems the pair had a couple of comely kids, Montel and Wyntergrace¬†during the marriage and that post divorce (it’s been about 10 years) they have had a lot of trouble getting Montel to be more than a child support check in their lives. He dutifully pays over $18,000 per month according to the children who are now 14 and 16 but it appears that he’s never around, or hardly ever, if a report in Today’s Daily News is true. Read the article here. He and his ex, Grace, are said to be locked in a 10 year struggle over the kids.
If what the children are saying is fact, it is quite sad considering Montel did all these family oriented shows when he was filming his talk show Montel. That would mean he can talk the talk but cannot and did not walk the walk. ¬†But it wouldn’t be all that unusual and unprecedented. Sometimes, after a divorce couples have a hard time forgiving each other and getting past the anger and this animus spills over into their relationship with their kids. Often, too, the father, who generally does not get physical custody (although, that is changing slowly) becomes alienated from his own children for one reason or another. A lot of times, the mother commits what is called “parental alienation.” But I suspect if that were so, Montel would have sued her at some point over the ten year course of their divorce. So it is probably a decision he made for some reason to not get overly involved with the kids – that is, if the allegations in the Daily News report are true.
Too bad either way.