BRITAIN: Retail store offers "divorce gift list" service

Debenhams, a store in UK, has launched a “divorce gift list” service. How novel is that? The High Street store stated that they launched the service becuase when people divorce they only have one of each item left (asset distribution?) and so the newly divorced needs to stock up and friends and family can purchase items just like they would for the newly wed. But does this make sense? Even if the parties only have one of each item, isn’t that exactly what they need? The whole point is that if one person lives in a home, why do they need two sets of things like chinaware, cookware and bedding/pillows, etc? When a spouse leaves with half the marital assets, and leaves the other spouse with one of each item, seems to me that is exactly as it should be. I don’t think this store’s idea will take off. It is premised on the wrong objective from the get go.¬† I mean, it is okay to have a gift list for newly divorced people. But the types of items they are plugging has to be very well edited.