GUATEMALA: what does the fishy assassination of attorney Rodrigo Rosenberg have to do with his divorce and Pres. Colom?

Was it a divorce or the murder of his new girlfriend that led Harvard and Oxford educated attorney Rodrigo Rosenberg to order his own assassination in the streets of Guatemala City?
Some blame it on depression from his divorce but most folks in Guatemala seem to concur that the assassination/shooting death of attorney Rodrigo Rosenberg  which was extremely fishy, especially after a posthumous video turned up with him saying that the President of Guatemala was behind his murder or the plot to murder him, had more to do with the murder of his new girlfriend. On video, Mr. Rosenberg  basically came out and said that if folks were viewing the video, that he was likely dead and he wanted folks to know that the President of Guatemala, Alvaro Colom and his wife, were behind it. You just can’t make this stuff up.
But if an international commission that was hired to investigate the situation is correct, the divorce had nothing whatsoever to do with Rosenberg’s death. It seems Rosenberg ordered his own assassination (as incredible as that might seem) because he was depressed about the murder of his new girlfriend. Time Magazine ran a report prepared by the commission headed by Carlos Castresana, head of the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala a few days back. The findings were stunning and the death remains mysterious. The report which was excerpted by Reuters, Wall Street Journal and Time among other news outlets a few days ago stated, among other things, the following:

Rosenberg, distraught over the murder of his girlfriend and her father, ordered his own death.

An eight-month investigation found that Rosenberg asked two cousins of his ex-wife to arrange the killing of a man who was extorting and threatening him. The extortionist was fictitious, though, and Rosenberg was actually planning his own assassination. Unaware that the target was Rosenberg, the cousins contracted 11 hit men, more than half of whom are former or current military or police officers, to carry out the killing, investigators said.

Wow.  I wasn’t even privy to this story before now but I can tell you this: the commission got it dead wrong. Maybe the president had nothing to do with the murder. Maybe Rosenberg was not distraught about his divorce. and the murder of his ex girlfriend. But this guy DID NOT order his own assassination. That is total and complete bullshit  mischaracterization of material facts. That’s sort of what I’m thinking deep in my gut.
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