LOS ANGELES: Did Dennis Hopper's daughter Marin Hopper "instigate" his divorce?

Jeeze. Why is divorce such a scandalous thing? Always drama. Always dirt. It literally brings out the worse in most people. Now “family friends” of the Hoppers have apparently gone to Huffington Post and spilled the beans on the Dennis/Victoria Hopper divorce. It appears, if the “family friend” is credible, that this divorce was instigated by his 40 something year old daughter Marin and it is allegedly all in an attempt to disinherit Victoria and put more money in Marin’s pocket after Denni’s demise. This blog Whitney Port is reporting that Huffington Post ran the following in a recent article:

As Dennis Hopper is dying from cancer, a family confidant tells Huffington Post his eldest daughter Marin is engineering a divorce and sending lies out to the media to try and bleed extra millions out of his sizable estate. Hopper, who has weeks to live, is currently heavily medicated at his Venice compound. Despite reports, the friend says he is not at the hospital.
Last Thursday the actor filed from divorce from his wife of 14 years Victoria, the mother of his six-year-old daughter Galen. He has three older children.
“It’s so horrible, Dennis is at home, Victoria and Galen are living there as well, and Marin is pulling her father out of his bed and driving him to the divorce lawyers. The poor guy has no idea what is going on,” a friend of the couple has told Huffington Post. “Even his lawyers are telling people he is on painkillers and is essentially sleeping all the time.”
He filed the divorce papers even though his lawyers would not let him sign other paperwork at the same time, telling one family member that he was in an altered mental state due to the copious amounts of drugs he is taking.
He is reportedly delirious and having difficulty speaking.
Marin, who lives rent-free at her dad’s Venice compound with her child, makes a living booking appearances for her father.
One family friend told Huffington Post that Hopper delayed the start his chemo last fall so he could fulfill a paid gig Marin set up in Europe.
Friends believe that given his condition, Marin is the one behind recent statements that have gone out in the actor’s name. Dennis has not been seen in public for weeks and is not up to taking calls.
There are also a number of false claims regarding the estate plan that is in place.
“Victoria gets 25% of the estate unless Marin can push through this last minute divorce. Victoria has never asked for more and has no plans to contest the will. However, if the divorce is finalized, Victoria and Galen [get] nothing.”
Apparently the marriage rapidly deteriorated in recent months. Dennis changed his will last summer, right around his last cancer diagnosis, and started exhibiting “increasing signs of erratic behavior.”
The family friend continues, “Multiple police reports were filed. Dennis denied therapy to Galen and threatened to kill Victoria if she took their daughter to a therapist,” and “three unlocked guns with safeties house were found in the house and turned over to police.”
“Marin has always hated Victoria,” the family friend explained to Huffington Post. “If she can get her father to reject Victoria on his deathbed, and get more money in the process, she’ll be the happiest woman in Los Angeles.”

I guess my big question is, what about matrimonial laws in the state of California? Can Marin just disinherit the step mother just like that? It seems implausible. Even if they got divorced tomorrow, after 14 years of marriage – a long term marriage by almost any definition these days – it would seem that Victoria would be entitled to a portion of the marital assets. It’s not like Dennis has a choice in the matter. California is a community property state as far as I recall so whatever is earned during the marriage is marital property and will get split about 50/50. Even if they had a prenup that disinherited Victoria, I can’t imagine it would stand. Such an agreement that left Victoria absolutely nothing would have to be void, even if California opted into the Uniform Premarital Agreement Act (and I’m pretty sure it does along with about 27 other states). In other words, an agreement between two people has to be conscionable. In other words, it can’t be unconscionable. There must be some degree of fairness and good faith. I strongly doubt that Victoria was so desperate to marry Dennis Hopper that she would have signed an agreement that basically said she got nothing if they divorced. So this idea that his adult daughter who was also a sort of manager of his of sorts, can come in and force her father to divorce his wife just so that the daughter can keep all her father’s money out of the grubby little paws of wifey number 5, lacks credibility, notwithstanding what the Huff Post source said. 
Victoria is not going to walk away from this empty handed on the welfare rolls, I don’t think. I mean, even if she has to get a “forced share” assuming Dennis dies and she is not in the will, I am sure a marginally competent lawyer in California can make that happen, no big whoop. So this whole thing about Marin is much ado about nothing.