Is there such a thing as divorce terrorism?

I’ve never actually heard this terminology but it occurred to me that it will soon be a part of the social vernacular as more and more people get divorced, or request a divorce from their spouses and things go ape right after that. The stress levels for folks going through divorce rival that of folks in Kabul and Iraq I am willing to bet. I mean, one minute you are in this lovey dovey relationship and the next minute your husband or wife is a literal suicide bomber who seems hellbent on destroying your life and that of the children, even if it means he or she also has to blow themselves up with the debris.
I mean, how many times in the news, on this blog, whatever, have you heard of a story that a spouse kills a spouse who had asked for a divorce? But it is not just murder. I am certain a lot of people don’t get murdered but ending a marriage or a relationship is nothing less than terror. It is conceivable that not just a few have ended up in witness protection programs to evade an angry, vindictive ex. But the terrorism, to my way of thinking, could extend even to finances. The way that a spouse can cause all the money to disappear for example, so that they can legally (or illegally as the case may be) leave their spouse destitute out of spite. What’s up with that?  
The terrorism could also go to the kids. I can see how a spouse can totally terrorize the other into either giving up custody, or in the case of the spouse who gets custody, can cause the children to hate the other spouse through this magic thing called “parental alienation” – which to me is clearly a form of terrorism. Or in the case of a moneyed, public figure situation, the terrorism might be the threat or veiled threat of tarnishing the other’s public persona and reputation if certain things don’t happen, like a revocation of the prenup for example.
I suppose the list can get even longer if I continue to brainstorm. But no need to. I think I am convinced now that divorce terrorism is reality more often than not in marriages here in the United States and around the world. It’s just that nobody ever thought about it that way. Until Ms. Genius over here 🙂 Remember: you heard it here first!
It is a very real thing. A very real menace.
Oh wait…. I”m not such a trailblazer after all. I just found something called the Divorce Terrorism Act after I googled “divorce terrorism.” It has to do with accusing your spouse of domestic violence to win custody and destroy your spouse’s reputation and credibility. Wow. Okay. So I’m not such a genius as I originally fantasized. But still. It is not exactly a household term. But it should be because it is incredibly commonplace. And it is a lot more than just about domestic violence. And you know what? It has to stop. It really, really does.