NORTH CAROLINA: Latest John Edwards gossip (divorce, Rielle, child support, etc)

Indeed, he did have sexual relations with that woman, Rielle Hunter, and indeed he is the biological father of Rielle’s little cutey puttutey, Francis Quinn. Oh my word. Now we are looking at child support for how long, Johnny Appleseed? Gawd. I would have to research North Carolina law on this and I have flu. I just can’t look it up right now. All I know is that in New York, and most states on the Eastern seaboard, including southern states like Georgia, child support comes down to a statute and formula and the gross income of the parents. And basically that is going to mean that Rielle is going to be living very well for a really long time. Whether its 21 years like New York or 18 years like Georgia, you can bet the North Carolina has made provisions for its minors to be supported financially by able-bodied parents and that Rielle’s little girl will be amply provided for. Oh my word. Honestly, what was John Edwards thinking with the unprotected sexual intercourse? Seriously? I mean, not for nothing but this guy was running for president. Sure, the infidelity from a politician is to be expected. But unprotected? To result in pregnancy while his wife is recuperating from cancer? Are you kidding me? And then to deny it? TO DENY IT????  To have a staff member take the rap and say it was his? IS JOHN EDWARD NUTS?
Forgive me. I cursed. I’ve been pretty good this year so far with the cursing. I’ve cut back a lot. But I am congested, miserable and confused and I just can’t hold back. I can’t be diplomatic in this condition I’m in. Is he nuts? Tell me. Is he NUTS? I think he’s nuts. Will this be the end for him and his wife Elizabeth? She seems tough as grits, really. But how tough is she really? Will she dump him? Will she ask for a divorce? Or does she think he still has a political future of which she will be a part? Jesu joy of man’s desiring! What’s next? What is Scot Brown gonna come out with a shocker? Like, what? Oh, I don’t know. Who the heck knows with these politicians? They are so shocking!!! So many skeletons.
As for Rielle? It’s like Ka ching! Homegirl’s gonna be RICH!!!