UK: Should Lisa-Hayden-Johnson forever lose custody of her kids?

Having a psychopath for a mother must be tough. Certainly, it is incomprehensible that this story is true. But according to the Times, UK, it was true and for her crimes against her 8 year old son, Lisa Hayden Johnson has received a sentence to the jail cells of 39 months:

A court heard yesterday that Lisa Hayden-Johnson, 35, claimed tens of thousands of pounds in benefits because of her son’s supposed medical problems, was given free cruises and met celebrities including Tony Blair, soap stars and royalty.
To create the illusion that her son was seriously ill she forced him to breathe from an oxygen cylinder, persuaded doctors that he had to be fed by tube and put glucose in his urine to make them believe he had diabetes.

Sure, her illness is real. Well, I should say there is a name for the affliction she has but that doesn’t make what she did any less deplorable:

The court heard that Hayden-Johnson suffers from factitious disorder by proxy, previously known as Munchausen’s syndrome by proxy, which led her to seek attention for herself through her son’s illnesses. She took the boy to charity events and lobbied on her son’s behalf for a Children of Courage Award.

One woman in New York had that and she gave her young child laxatives repeatedly even though he was not constipated. AND SHE DID NOT LOSE CUSTODY! So conceivably, when Ms. Hayden Johnson comes out of the cells, she could get custody of her son back. But should she? I mean, according to the Times Report:

A “cruel, manipulative” mother who forced her young son to use a wheelchair and persuaded doctors that he was the “most ill child in Britain” was jailed yesterday for 39 months.
The boy, who is now 8, spent six and a half years undergoing tests, including exploratory surgery, to determine the cause of his disabilities, many of them inflicted by his mother.

That’s too much I would think. I am not sure if the child and his sibling have a father and what the father’s whereabouts is. But I don’t think she should be let near these kids again. To be perfectly frank, I think they let her off too easy. How come some people get off so easy for such heinous acts and others are so vilified for things that are so much less intense? Never ceases to amaze.