SOUTH OF FRANCE: 10 reasons why Brad and Angelina's divorce was inevitable

They were never legally married but Brad and Angelina are said to be breaking up aka getting a divorce. It was all over the “mainstream” ( I use that term loosely)¬†press including The View, Time Online, Huffington Post and TMZ so you know there is something there; where there is smoke there is fire. Plus, their body language lately hasn’t been that lovey dovey. Brad looks awful. He really does. He looks like a man who is in a deep depression, an exhausted man whose life is too much for him to handle so he had tuned out. Even if these are just rumors, it is just a matter of time before the rumors are true. Brad, first of all, has a 4-5 year expiration date on his relationships – he seems to literally count the days.¬† After that, he’s done and there’s nothing he or anybody else can do after that. Second of all, their schedule seems exhausting and not at all conducive to nurturing true intimacy in a relationship. But here are the ten real reasons I think their break up was inevitable:
1. It was inevitable because they are both in the spotlight and that is bad for marriage and bad for relationships.
2. It was inevitable because they both have a divorce in their past and second/third marriages have an even shorter shelf life than a first marriage.
3. It was inevitable because it had a crash and burn feel to it and realistically, how long can you sustain that?
4. It was inevitable because Brad jinxed the whole thing with that 2004 photo spread in W Magazine.
5. It was inevitable because of how they met; Brad was married to someone else. That’s problematic from the get go.
6. It was inevitable because celebrities for the most part have proven they can’t handle “marriage” for too long.
7. It was inevitable because they had too many kids too quickly and look at what the stress has done to Brad.
8. It was inevitable because they lacked stability – too much movement; it was dizzying.
9. It was inevitable because Brad stopped taking care of his beard hygiene and once Brad stops being hot, what the hell is the point?
10. It was inevitable because Angelina started to look older than Jen.