UK: Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson are the most famous post-divorce live-in lovers

In this month’s AARP Magazine (I know, hysterical that I”m caught reading that, eh?) there was a little blurb about Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson. They talked about the fact that post-divorce, those two are still acting like an old married couple, taking vacations alone together, and living in the same house where they raised their daughters Beatrice and Eugenie(?). Can you imagine living together with your ex after you divorce him? What’s up with that? Wonder if Sarah will be provided for in Andrew’s will if something happens to him? Will she get one of the aristocratic manors that those other “asset-stripping wives” in Britain have been bagging according to Princess Diana’s brother Charles Spencer in his Vanity Fair article? Or did she already get all she was going to get when they divorced in the 80’s or 90’s?
Wow. I wonder…I wonder….I wonder if they still, you know, bonk from time to time just for old time’s sakes?