MISSISSIPPI: Tiger Woods is in Gentle Path to treat sex addiction AND Elin has called off divorce?

Radaronline is reporting that golf great Tiger Woods is at Gentle Path receiving in-patient treatment in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and that his wife Elin is participating in his therapy and that sources have told them that she’s called off the divorce. Wow. She’s brave. And more committed than I thought at first. A woman who was less committed to the longevity of the marriage and who was in it just for the money would have definitely bolted. Don’t get me wrong. I have heard the rumors that if she sticks around another couple of years she gets even more money per the antenuptial agreement. But I don’t think her motives are that sinister. At least I hope not. I am all for marriage and for doing everything possible to make it work. It’s a tough institution to circumnavigate and not for the faint of heart by any means. I wish Tiger and Elin the best of luck with this. I think they’ve handled the situation very well under the circumstances – have nothing to say to anybody. KEEP IT THAT WAY YOU GUYS. DON’T CONFIRM OR DENY ANYTHING. JUST KEEP YOUR MOUTHS SHUT AND GO ABOUT THE BUSINESS OF SAVING YOUR MARRIAGE AND LIVING YOUR LIVES.
And Tiger? Please don’t ever do anything like this again.